Monday, November 21, 2016

Round Lace Net Weave - Learn How

The Round Lace Net Stitch is worked in Rounds and can be applied to many different patterns. This is just a basic tutorial on how to do the stitch using only 2 colors of seed beads.
R = Round
Each Round begins at the red dot in drawing

Below is the word chart for working this pattern. This is the kind of chart that is used for net circular beadwork. In this tutorial I have all the steps that are worked in the word chart and I have also included illustrations. When you work with larger beadwork with long patterns usually you will not have all these illustrations. The patterns will only have the word chart. This pattern shows you how a word chart is worked. This should help you if you ever want to tackle a pattern that has lots of Rounds.

When working on your piece, keep your tension snug but not too tight.

(˄) means to go through the center bead in the next loop forward
You will be repeating each step around until the end of the Round.

After each Round you will be going forward through 2 beads
to start the next Round, unless if there is a special note.

Please follow the illustrations for a feeling on how the word chart is written in relationship to how the beads will be added.

in 2 means go with working thread in the second bead of the next loop
skip over 1 means skip over 1 bead and go with thread through the next bead

The Pattern
Starting Round,
Pick up 8a, make a ring by going with thread through the 1st a bead just added. Continue with working thread around through all 8 beads again, plus go through the 1st bead again.

 1.  5b, skip over 1
 2.  3a skip over 1, 3a in 2
 3.  5b˄
 4.  3a skip over 1, 3a in 2
 5.  3b˄
 6.  3a˄, 5a˄

All these patterns below use the Round Lace Net Weave Stitch...

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