Friday, February 14, 2014

Bugles, Crystals, Tila's, Oh My Necklace pattern

This necklace pattern is super easy to make. You will not believe how fast you can get this necklace finished. It is also beautiful and delicate. You can make it this afternoon and wear it to a party tonight.


A = Miyuki 11° SEED bead
B = Bugle beads, any size
C = 3mm Fire-polished crystals
D = Miyuki drop fringe beads
T = Miyuki Tila bead

Start by waxing and stretching your thread. Tie in a “stopper” bead, leaving about a 8-10” tail and begin at step #1.

1. Pick up 1B, 3A, 1B, 2A, 1D, 2A, go with thread forward through 1B, 3 A and 1 B beads as shown.

2.  Pick up 1T, 3A, go with thread up through the right side hole of the T bead.

3. a) Pick up 1B, 1C, go with thread down through the B bead, step #1 or step #4, the left side hole of the T bead and the 1st and 2nd A beads, step #2.
 b) Pick up 1A, 3D, 1A, go with thread left to right through the 2nd and 3rd A beads and the right side hole of the T bead, step #2, and the 1 B bead added in this step at (a).

4.  Pick up 3A, 1B, 2A, 1D, 2A, go with thread up through the 1 B bead, step #3a, and forward through 3 A and 1 B beads just added in this step.

.5. Continue necklace by repeating steps #2 through #4 until you reach the length that you want your necklace to be.
6. To add clasp, pick up 4A, clasp, 4A, go with thread up through 1 B bead in necklace. Continue with thread around through the clasp beads several times for strength. Weave the working thread into the necklace and end. Repeat the clasp directions in the same manner at the other end of necklace after removing the stopper bead.

 Follow along with the YouTube video for this pattern.

You Tube Video, just click picture

Sandra D. Halpenny © 2014 All rights reserved
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