Monday, October 5, 2015

Snowflake Ornament Idea #1

Are you looking for something special to do with your Snowflake Ornaments. Maybe you have made a lot over the years and your not sure what to do with them. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to post some ideas for you to use your Snowflake Ornaments in a special way. Is there a way you have used the ornaments you have made? Send me your idea and I will post here to share.

Here is another great idea for a Christmas gift card with your snowflake. Made by Jacky Ingram.

This idea is to add a Snowflake Ornament to a card that you are sending or giving to a special friend at the holidays. Remember too that these are snowflakes, so even if your friend doesn't celebrate Christmas, it makes a great winter time gift for the New Year too.

In my samples I am using store bought cards. If you can make your own cards or you do scrap-booking that is even more special. 

Start with that special card,

 of course get your beautiful Snowflakes
and then pick some beautiful buttons too...

You will also need a piece of thin ribbon, making it long enough to hang the snowflake ornament later...

 Weave the ribbon through the button...

Go through the snowflake and then through the card with the ribbon...

Tie a pretty bow with the ribbon on the front back of card...
Write a little note with the ribbon suggesting to untie the bow and use the ribbon to hang their new Snowflake Ornament...

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