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Jamie Cloud Eakin‘s Bead Play with Fringe - BOOK REVIEW

Jamie Cloud Eakin ‘s Bead Play with Fringe:
Techniques, Design and Projects
published by JCE Publishers (softcover $19.95 US) focuses on how to make several different types of fringe with beads. 

The first chapter covers supplies needed to create your fringe. Jamie tells you about seed beads, needles, tools and more supplies that will be used.
The second chapter gives you a brief overview of what types of fringe she will be showing you how to make. Some of the type of fringes she will show you is Standard, Kinky, Branch and much more. Also in this chapter you are shown different ends at the bottom of the fringe too. This is important because different ends will give you different looks.
In chapters three through seven, Jamie starts to explain in greater detail how to create the different type of fringes. Each chapter is dedicated to a different fringe and also includes several projects you can make using the fringe you just learned to make. What I especially like is that she explains how to add fringe properly and what to do if there are problems with the way it hangs. She also teaches you how to design fringe to match your project. She also covers the proper way to add fringe to beadwork showing different thread paths.
The final chapter covers some basic beading techniques. For example, how to start and finish thread.
There are 30 projects, mostly jewelry, and a combination of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The projects include illustrations and color photographs of the projects.
This book is a great addition to any beader that wants to add a special touch to some of their projects.

What I personally like about Jamie’s book is that she shows how to make proper fringe. Fringe is not one of my favorite things to make or write instructions for. I have customers always asking me why I don’t design more ornaments. Now they can follow the directions on my blog at: “How to change any of my necklace patterns into an ornament cover”  . Use any of my necklace or bracelet patterns, and then by using Jamie’s book and following her Fringe instructions, the designs can be endless of not just ornaments but so much more that can be made. How about adding fringe to some of my necklace patterns too.

From Jamie’s site here is a
Sample sheet for Bead Play with Fringe in PDF format.
About the Author Jamie Cloud Eakin has been a professional bead artist for over two decades, and she teaches and sells her work in galleries across North America. She is the author of Beading with Cabochons (Lark 2005) and Bugle Bead Bonanza (Lark 2010), Dimensional Bead Embroidery (Lark 2011) and Bead Embroidery Jewelry Projects (Lark 2013). Jamie lives in Modesto, California.
She was born in Illinois and now resides in California. Her love of beads was born in Illinois and now resides around the world in her books and her beaded creations sold in fine galleries. Her books range from the complicated and exquisite to the simply fun and beautiful. All of the books are full of beautiful photographs and clear, concise illustrations and instructions. Other books which feature some of her designs include Bedazzled (P Diamonti), Beading with World Beads (R. Hemachandra), The Beaders Color Palette by Margie Deeb and Beading All Stars (Lark 2014).

All-star beadwork author Jamie Cloud Eakin turns her attention to the fabulous fun of fringe. Although adding fringe to beadwork is popular, there is no other comprehensive book that catalogues and details the unique aspects of fringe. The techniques detailed include standard, loop, kinky, branch and several twisted/spiral fringe styles. There are 30 projects for beaders to hone their skills while creating beautiful beadwork. Ms Eakin is known for her ability to explain and illustrate beading techniques and also includes considerations for fringe design in this must have book for beading enthusiasts.
Jamie Cloud Eakin web page:

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