Monday, November 11, 2013

Flower Net Necklace - Free Pattern

This necklace pattern looks like spring. It would be a fun necklace to brighten a snowy winter day and also it would be so cute with a little knit shirt and a pair of jeans.

A = 11 seed beads
B = 11 seed beads, 2nd color
C = 4mm Fire-polished crystal

This Pattern is Free here on my Blog.
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Start by waxing and stretching your thread, use Nymo D or C-Lon & a #11 or #12 beading needle. Tie in a "stopper" bead, leaving about an 8" tail and begin at step #1.


1. Pick up 3A, 1B, 5A, 1B, 2A, go with thread up through the 1st A bead just added.

2. Pick up 4A, 3B, go with thread down through the 2nd B bead added in step #1 or step #7.

3. Pick up 4B, 1C, go with thread up through the 2nd B bead, step #2.

4. a) Pick up 1B, go with thread down through the C bead, step #3.
b) Pick up 3A, go with thread left to right through the 4th B bead, step #3.

Pick up 5B, go with thread up through the 1 B bead, step #4a, and the 1st B bead, step #2.

6. Pick up 7A, go with thread down through the 3rd B bead added in step #5.

7. Pick up 5A, 1B, 2A, go with thread up through the 5th A bead added in step #6. 

8. Continue necklace by repeating steps #2 through step #7. To add clasp, pick up 3A, clasp, 3A, go with thread up through 2 A beads in necklace as shown. Continue with thread around through the clasp beads several times for strength. Weave the working thread into the necklace and end. Repeat the clasp directions in the same manner at the other end of necklace after removing the stopper bead. 

Sandra D. Halpenny © 2007 - 2013 All rights reserved, This pattern may not be copied in any way without the express written permission of the author.

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Grateful beader! said...

Awesome patterns! You make some very impressive and beautiful things! Thank you for the patterns, keep up the excellent work! You are so creative!!!!!!!!

Quinetta James said...

your bead work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

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