Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stained Glass Beaded Peyote Bracelet

"Often the simple designs are the best. At least that’s what I think. One of my favorite patterns to bead is Sandra D. Halpenny’s Stained Glass Bracelet pattern. I made these two with regular old seed beads, and I’m beading one up now using Delica beads. For these two bracelets I used a matte black bead for the “frame” and transparent blue and purple beads with an AB (Aurora Borealis) coating. It’s a shame it gets washed out a little in the scan. In person these bracelets have a kind of depth to them, almost as if you could look into the glass." Posted by Kath on her blog

This Stained Glass bracelet pattern is worked in odd count Peyote. You can find odd count peyote instructions all over the web. Click here to download a PDF of some basic instruction on the peyote stitch.

For basic
Ruby has great instructions on following a graph pattern at:
Click here: Reading Peyote Patterns

For the stained glass I used a Delica Mix

Close up of repeat

Sandra D. Halpenny © 2007 - 2013
All rights reserved,
This pattern may not be copied in any way without the express written permission of the author.

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More Stained Glass
Just finished up my Delica version of Sandra D. Halpenny’s Stained Glass Bracelet pattern. For this one I used matte black beads and a bead mix I got from Bead Obsession here in Albuquerque.You can see how the Delicas give a much more uniform appearance. Still, I like the texture that seed beads give.


Jennifer Hostetter said...

Is this bracelet done on a loom or peyote stitch?

Sandra D Halpenny said...

peyote stitch

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this simple but very effective pattern Sandra. I can't wait to make it! It'll be a good test of my newly learned Peyote stitch skills.

Katherine Crago said...

I think this bracelet is absolutely beautiful. I'm fairly new to peyote and have to admit this pattern is beyond my abilities right now. A great project to shoot for

Amy W. said...

What size beads dud you use? 11? How long is this? Thanks!

Sandra D Halpenny said...

Size 11 Delica's. You can make it as long as you like

Joanne Parnell said...

Can his be dne n a loom?

Quinetta James said...


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